Quantifying Customer Perceptions From Customer Reviews to Enable Strategic Problem Solving

Swaroop Johnson

Product Head Consultant (Analytics)

Swaroop Initiates and leads a team of data scientists and consultants towards end to end product development using machine learning &natural language processing algorithms for an in house unstructured data analytics product. He provides proactive consultation on analytics engagements in various industry verticals by understanding client problems, &identifying most suitable approach and contributes to thought leadership in the space of analytics both within the organization as well as outside. The key strengths include Competitive Pricing & Analytics, Strategy Consulting & Transformation, Client engagement (Sales) & Account management, Profitability management, Delivery & Transitions management. He has been managing the entire product life cycle management - development & management of product and enhancement of existing features. he can Assess product requirements by analyzing the market & competition supported by on-going visits to customers and potential Clients and also manages the entire product line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities.

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