Digital Data Classification: Top Five Mistakes to Avoid
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Digital Data Classification: Top Five Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Inconsistent Source Identifiers: Chances are, if you are working in a large organization, you have at least four to five agencies, partners or internal teams working on your campaign tracking and mechanisms. It’s very important that you establish primary identifiers that are consistent across all parties involved. Otherwise, you may end up losing track of campaign performance data due to faulty and erroneous reporting.
  2. Irregular Updates: By not updating your meta data weekly, or prior to your campaign going live you run the risk of inaccurate reporting and missing essential data which can be detrimental in long term measurement of campaign effectiveness. Simply put, allocate the bandwidth – or automate.
  3. Attribution Across Limited Channels: Today, the buying journey is much more multifaceted. The question becomes – how do I score with respect to first touch and last touch points? Data that is not captured across all channels and properly classified can lead to an inaccurate picture and poor decisions.
  4. Failing to Make the Grade – It is critical that organizations realize how much time and effort can be involved in learning feature configurations and metric definitions for digital analytics platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud or Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the impact can be felt much worse in lean teams, often stretching resources to their absolute limits. With an easy-to-use, automated tool built for such platforms, you can skip the lecture and go straight to the front of the class.
  5. Lack of IT or analytics team collaboration while implementing campaign tracking parameters – There is a lot of work that needs to be done with regards to implementation from tagging to writing script code. Strong collaboration between marketers, IT and agencies can ensure that tracking is done properly and automation can reduce your overall dependence.

Most, if not all, of these mistakes can be avoided with the help of automated digital data classification tools such as Synergist. Learn more in Blueocean Market Intelligence’s exclusive webinar, “Automating Campaign Management for Faster, More Accurate Attribution”.

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