It’s EX [Employee Experience] that Makes a Brand Exemplary
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It’s EX [Employee Experience] that Makes a Brand Exemplary

Happy employees make happy customers and happy customers bring in progressive top-lines and improved bottom-lines! An old saying but forever relevant.

So, what makes employees happy? Employer Brand, Compensation, and Benefits are some of the factors perceived to make the maximum impact on employee satisfaction. However, many successful enterprises offering all of these factors too are reeling under the pressure of high employee turnover and the war for talent. Doesn’t that defy logic? Extensive research has been done over the years to identify factors that make an organization a great place to work and it appears the recipe for success lies in the “experience” of an employee at the workplace which usually emanates from a combination of workplace culture, policies and practices.

@ Course5, it’s all about EX [Employee Experience]!   

Over the last few years, Course5 has made conscious efforts in understanding what motivates Coursers (as we call our human capital) and what will enable them to excel in their respective jobs and drive collective success for our customers, the organization and themselves in the process. All our global people programs have been conceptualized, built and delivered keeping this core philosophy in mind as we drive customized initiatives and deliver exceptional Employee Experience!

It all begins with Core Values

We at Course5 are proud to share that our company’s Core Values —

  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Honesty, Trust and Social Responsibility

Were “co-created” by all Coursers with the Leadership team. Each courser was enabled to define the cultural fabric of the organization by responding to a survey with key attributes they could best associate with as the desired personality of the organization. This process was followed by intense brainstorming sessions and finally four core values emerged that ensured alignment between the organization’s vision and employee interests to deliver value to our customers while delivering the organization’s social responsibilities. This process ensured that every Courser thought and acted like a promoter, stakeholder, employee and a responsible citizen while shaping our future.

Communicate to Connect

A connected workforce operates as seamlessly as a group of musicians performing a symphony and communication holds the key to achieve this. Course5 drives a Communication framework that enables top-down, bottom-up and peer-peer communication. Periodic CEO Townhalls, Coffee sessions with Leaders, Quarterly Newsletter editions, Focused group and Brainstorming sessions lead to an informed and aligned workforce while periodic employee pulse checks and satisfaction surveys through external partners help gather employee aspirations and feedback to maintain two-way communication and drive appropriate action plans.

Teamwork makes our dream work

Coursers are a diverse and unified global community that’s driven by a common goal to drive digital transformation for their customers through Analytics, Insights and Artificial Intelligence. It is this human capital that collaborates each day to solve complex customer problems through meaningful and innovative solutions for some of the largest corporations across the world. While they work hard, they party harder! From festive celebrations and sporting events to talent shows locally and globally, we are all in it together building a strong bond.


Course5 University – Developing a future-ready workforce

Course5 University was conceptualized with the intent to align business objectives, organizational competencies and individual learning maps to deliver meaningful learning interventions for employees across the pyramid. A combination of Instructor-led, On-demand, Social and Gamification-based approaches to nurture behavioral, technical and leadership skills forms part of the larger talent engagement and development strategy that aims to not just train Coursers on their current training needs but to build a future-ready workforce that remains relevant to cater to future challenges.

Excelerate – Managing & accelerating Careers at Course5

A sense of accomplishment and personal success is the key to talent engagement and retention. Excelerate offers Coursers a holistic career management and development program that outlines horizontal and vertical growth trajectories across the organization, offers fast-track programs for high-potential employees (HiPos) and supports individual career aspirations through appropriate learning interventions to prepare them for current and future roles.

Careers at Course5

Circle of Excellence

As they say, appreciation can make a day or even change a life! Circle of Excellence, Course5’s Reward and Recognition program, rewards and recognizes Coursers for exceptional performance, leadership, driving value for customers, demonstrating core values, and long tenure.

Focus on Health ‘n’ Happiness

Course5 takes special care to ensure the physical and mental well-being of Coursers and runs an Employee Assistance Program [EAP] that covers period self-assessments, counseling sessions, specialist interventions, Yoga, Laughter & Massage therapies and Physical fitness workshops for all-round wellness of Coursers. A steady decline in our employee medical insurance claim ratios is a heartening indicator of these efforts and associated results.

Course5 Cares

Our philanthropic effort that engages Coursers and drives a sense of collective social responsibility is centered on two key causes, Child Welfare & Development and Environment sustenance & support. Coursers have impacted hundreds of lives to date and supported the environment through a series of sustenance programs as they give back to society and derive a sense of satisfaction in return.

Course5 Cares
Your Customer Experience will only be Great if your Employee Experience is Greater! – Carol Wain

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