Key Takeaways from our latest Webinar- A Peek Under the Hood:   Best Practices from C5i on Building a GenAI COE
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Key Takeaways from our latest Webinar- A Peek Under the Hood: Best Practices from C5i on Building a GenAI COE

Thank you to everyone who joined C5i’s recent webinar A Peek Under the Hood: Best Practices from C5i on Building a GenAI COE as part of the GenAI series.

With Anees Merchant and Sushant Ajmani at the helm, the event was well-attended and sparked insightful discussions. They addressed a bunch of relevant questions about C5i’s GenAI Center of Excellence, providing valuable insights and fostering engaging dialogue.

In this quick summary, explore how C5i’s Gen AI COE redefines the future through a fusion of innovation, governance, and human creativity.

Top 6 Takeaways from C5i’s Webinar on Building a Gen AI COE

In conversation with Anees Merchant, Sushant Ajmani and Megha Chaudhry

These insights shed light on practical strategies and approaches for establishing a GenAI Center of Excellence within organizations.

1. Innovation-driven Governance

C5i’s approach to its CoE transcends conventional governance paradigms. By infusing innovation and human creativity into its governance structure, we ensure that cutting-edge technologies like AI are ethically and responsibly harnessed, setting a new standard for organizational excellence.

2. Empowering Through Learning

An integral part of C5i’s Gen AI journey is the democratization of knowledge and innovation. Through initiatives like the Innovation Garage and comprehensive learning programs, we empower every employee to participate in the ideation process. This enables us to foster a culture of continuous learning and skill development.

3. Strategic Imperatives Guiding Gen AI Adoption

Organizations must align their foundational initiatives with strategic imperatives to embark on a successful Gen AI journey akin to C5i’s approach. This includes addressing the pivotal scalability expectations, business impact, and privacy compliance. It is important to prioritize investments in learning and development and fortifying data protection protocols. Thus, companies can establish a robust framework conducive to sustained innovation and growth in the AI domain.

4. Dimensional Assessment of COE Effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of a COE or any AI initiative resonates deeply with C5i’s tagline of Human, AI, Impact. Evaluation should span three critical dimensions:

  • Revenue enhancement
  • Cost optimization
  • Experience enrichment

5. Fostering Inclusive Innovation

Within C5i, the governance body fosters an inclusive environment where innovation is not limited to a select group but is encouraged from all levels of the organization

  • The governance body oversees a structured innovation process within C5i, guiding idea validation, prototyping, market analysis, and scalability considerations.
  • Implementing this systematic approach ensures innovative concepts are rigorously evaluated.

6. Holistic Learning & Development Framework

At C5i, the L&D curriculum is comprehensive and structured, focusing on four key aspects: prompt engineering, Python development, leveraging APIs, and data engineering. Additionally, employees are encouraged to stay updated on industry events, podcasts, influential figures, and tech news through websites. This holistic approach ensures continuous learning and adaptation to the evolving AI landscape.


The GenAI COE at C5i benefits customers by offering realistic guidance on AI possibilities and limitations, aiding in expectation management and effective deployment strategies. Our quarterly-based approach covers topics like LLMs and evolving COE trends, guiding clients with realistic expectations amid industry buzz. We emphasize the importance of recognizing limitations, such as synthetic data not fully safeguarding sensitive business information.

By helping clients understand the requirements for a smooth GenAI rollout, we ensure seamless transitions, cost management, and scalable solutions. While broad organizational use cases are rare, focusing on specific departments like HR, Finance, and Marketing demonstrates GenAI’s adaptability to various needs and challenges.

We hope that your key takeaway from this webinar is the strategic value of starting a GenAI COE now, as it positions your organization to leverage AI effectively, manage expectations, and drive impactful, scalable results across various departments.

We’re committed to keeping you engaged as we delve deeper into GenAI trends. Stay tuned for more LinkedIn Live sessions as we continue our exploration, and we eagerly await your insights and perspectives.

You can register and watch a recording of the complete event here:
A Peek Under the Hood: Best Practices from C5i on Building a GenAI COE.