Customer Analytics

Delight, monetize, and retain your customers with tailored experiences via C5i’s Customer Analytics

The Customer Analytics Landscape

When it comes to customers, one size does not fit all. Your ability to retain and reward your best customers depends on how well you know them, and how much they trust you. Segment and personalize content and experiences to show you are worthy of their trust. Acquire customers based on modeled profitability. Retain them with customer-specific lift analysis that targets and retains high-value customers.

How C5i’s Customer Analytics Solutions Help

C5i makes it easy to improve customer relationships by using data to predict and personalize

A unique Customer Experience Analytics approach that blends qualitative and quantitative – customer satisfaction combined with customer behavior

Assess and act on the factors that lead to retention through Key Drivers Analysis (KDA), Network Graphs and Propensity Modeling

Subscription analysis to increase retention through journey analytics and cohort monitoring

Next Best Step: An AI-based personalization solution to bring flexibility and learning to cross-sell, upsell and make product recommendations

See how you can go from customer analytics to business impact

Purpose-driven Solutions for Every Situation

A combination of solutions to assess, predict and recommend for improved customer experiences