Data Engineering

Harness the power of data to increase revenue, improve profitability, and strengthen customer satisfaction.

The Data Engineering Landscape

Organizations across industries are challenged by an explosion of data. Petabyte-scale data platforms are becoming the new normal and the complexities involved in extracting, processing, managing, and effectively deriving valuable business insights keep increasing.

C5i’s Data Engineering solution provides a robust, unified data platform to enable businesses to create data-driven applications to derive actionable insights, perform data mining and exploratory analysis, and empower AI models that deliver on business objectives.

How C5i’s Data Engineering Solutions Help

Seamless access to raw data, cleansed data, real-time views, and semi-structured and unstructured data

Ability to Extract, Transform, and Integrate data of any velocity, variety, and volume

Streaming Analytics for real-time insights that enable organizations to make faster decisions, address operational issues, and provide highly personalized customer experiences

Reduced time-to-market by leveraging pre-built accelerators, data connectors, reference architecture, and best practices

A highly customizable platform providing high efficiency, transparency, and performance

Actionable insights with the ability to find hidden patterns, visualize data, identify opportunities for growth and enable prescriptive and predictive analytics at scale and speed

Data Privacy, Data Security, and Regulatory Compliance across geographies and industries through implementation of a robust data governance framework

Purpose-driven Solutions for Every Situation

AI-ready Data Platform

Complete transformation of legacy data systems with a state-of-the-art data platform supporting all types of data use cases and objectives

Complete discovery of your existing data platform, providing a comprehensive point of view on data technologies and their suitability for your organization

Project planning and execution

Infrastructure and network setup with implementation of data warehouses, data lakes, and operational data stores

Optimized cost and assured compliance with implementation of on-premises, hybrid, single cloud, or multi-cloud infrastructure

Smooth Extraction, Transformation, and Integration of very large data sets in batch or real-time

Robust and proven data governance framework that enables you to manage and monetize data assets, drive adoption, and implement data privacy and security compliance

Minimal migration efforts by leveraging pre-built accelerators

Ongoing Data DevOps

Faster time-to-capability by implementing standardized data architecture, data models, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load/Integrate) frameworks, data quality checks, and best practices

Ongoing Extraction, Transformation, and Integration of very large data sets in batch or real-time

Robust data governance framework for management of data assets

Support for all leading data visualization and BI tools

Rapid pilots of technical evaluations and business scenarios to showcase value

Data adoption frameworks

We are implementation partners for leading technology providers including Cloudera, Snowflake, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Informatica, Talend, Vertica, Teradata, and Oracle, and others.

Customers Seeing Success with C5i

“We’ve been able to simplify our data pipeline, leverage organization data meaningfully for analysis, get actionable insights for business teams to consume, and take necessary actions each day. And we could do all of this at half the cost and twice the speed, thanks to C5i.”


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