Digital Engineering

Business Challenges

Data Orchestration and Harmonization

With digital customer experiences now all-pervasive, the quantity and complexity of data is a major challenge. The multiplicity of digital channels and measurement systems makes providing a single source of truth all the more challenging. And all of this data needs to seamlessly connect offline and online.

Actionable insights and predictions at speed

Today’s pace of business and the key role of digital make it critical for businesses to not only measure, but also go beyond the numbers to provide insights and recommendations. Moreover, this needs to be done in near real-time!

Showing ROI from digital investments

Enterprises have invested significant sums in digital tools and technologies. But is all this investment worth the effort? Are companies able to implement and use these tools like AdobeTM and GoogleTM correctly?


Optimization and Retargeting

A/B testing to better understand the end customer and to enhance engagement and conversion across channels

Tailor-made Audience Building

Personas to identify customer interests and achieve personalization – with a goal of improving conversion

Organizing Digital Data

Strong engineering capabilities covering data modeling and data layer engineering, with a special focus on data hygiene

Customized Tag Implementations

Traditional implementation practice (client vs. server side) as well as use of EnsightenTM, TealiumTM, Google Tag ManagerTM, and Adobe LaunchTM

Deployment Orchestration

Smooth analytics implementation support, agile tagging process, managing updates post deployment, and critical documentation

Enabled a global PC vendor to drive more revenue from their ecommerce channels

Helped a leading fashion brand to successfully launch their digital channels

Successfully managed the standardization of data infrastructure and Business Intelligence for a top 3 global semiconductor company

Business Impact

Business-led marketing technology deployment vs. plain system integration

Intelligent, future-ready technology investments and best-of-breed and continuous integration benchmarking in supporting of business objectives

Improved ROI from the entire analytics setup and marketing tech stack

10% increase via personalization and optimization using Adobe Target

Implementation to achieve Single View of Customer across multiple domains to map customer journeys, leading to better conversion rates

Optimized Tag Management to substantially reduce page load time

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