Industry 5.0 & Supply Chain Analytics

Get ahead and drive agility in response to demand volatility and supply chain disruptions with AI-driven insights and automation using connected intelligence

The Industry Landscape

Industry 5.0 brings a tech-savvy human workforce back to the heart of operations. It is about augmented humans driving smart factories, distributed production, intelligent supply chains, and customized customer experience delivery. It’s an ecosystem powered by digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies enabling cognitive automation and real-time connected intelligence across the organization.

At the core of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) powering Industry 5.0 is increased collaboration between humans and smart systems churning out a lot of data. Leverage this data with the high-speed accuracy of advanced data analytics and AI-powered insight combined with human creativity and critical thinking skills. Tap integrated, real-time business intelligence to improve revenue, margins, productivity, and customer experience.

C5i’s Analytics & Insights Capabilities across the Industry 5.0 Value Chain

Being genuinely responsive to demand volatility and supply disruptions requires a new paradigm enabled by 8 key building blocks

Supply Chain Control Tower

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain-as-a-Service

Localized Supply Chains

Citizen Data Scientists

Hyper Segmentation

Partner-Platform Ecosystem

Continuous Experimentation

How C5i’s Industry 5.0 Solutions Help

C5i drives business impact through human-AI synergy across Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Connected Intelligence with Insights linked to Key Business Questions

Solving Key Business Challenges

  • Supply Chain Segmentation with unique customer value proposition drives faster response to market demand
  • Predictive Asset Maintenance with Digital Twins improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • End-to-end Inventory Management leads to higher product availability, improved service levels, and improved realization of working capital & inventory
  • Waste reduction and improved process efficiencies lead to lower operational costs
  • Demand Sensing with Price & Promotions Forecasting leads to higher operating margins and sales
  • Predictive Risk and Risk Impact Identification reduces supply chain risk
  • Advanced Energy Management and Connected Workers drive sustainability

See how you can go from industry 5.0 & supply chain analytics to business impact

Purpose-driven Solutions for Every Situation

Enabling end-to-end visibility and an ability to solve problems with agility and speed with advanced analytics and applied AI

Customers Seeing Success with C5i

“The insights provided are something our team is very excited about. We appreciate the work you’ve been doing in helping to get this up and running as well as your patience with the information we’ve been working to supply. The option you’ve helped to add with the alternative to review the position of the cases as well as demand and how it compares with the ending inventory for the week will be a big win for us.”