Primary Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Primary Competitive Intelligence (CI) empowers companies with timely insights on competitor strategies and tactics derived through the collection and analysis of information that cannot be found in the public domain. Course5’s Primary CI programs can gather intelligence on all stages of the product lifecycle from competitors’ clinical development strategies, through to regulatory approval and launch timelines, commercialization strategies, and generic and biosimilar entries.

While Secondary Research can examine current and past competitor activities, Primary CI helps gather future-looking insights to understand the strategic moves a competitor may be planning. Actionable intelligence gathered through Course5’s Primacy CI solution enables companies to proactively counter competitive threats.

Use Cases

Competitors’ field force size and organizational structure analysis

To estimate the sales force and medical field force size (FTEs), structure and organization of identified competitor portfolio

Benchmarking Patient Engagement Programs of Major Competitors

To understand the organizational and functional structure of patient advocacy programs (PAPs) of 5 major competitors in the oncology space

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