Marketing Analytics

Transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing at strategic and operational levels

The Marketing Analytics Landscape

With so many marketing messages competing for the attention of consumers, it is imperative that marketers understand which are resonating and which are not. How strong is your brand? Which campaigns are resonating? How shall I allocate my scarce marketing dollars to maximize return on the investment? How should I allocate credit for conversion? The answers will determine how reliably your marketing will result in growth.

How C5i’s Marketing Analytics Solutions Help

A collection of data-oriented solutions that will provide insight into optimizing messaging, campaigns, and spend

An integrated, “always on” Brand Measurement platform that provides near- real-time insights

Digital transformation of marketing with Campaign Analytics that generate insights and enable action

Marketing Mix Optimization to enable real- time marketing spend decision-making across channels

An AI-driven Multi-touch Attribution model based on real-time channel performance to guide strategy

See how you can go from marketing analytics to business impact

Purpose-driven Solutions for Every Situation

A combination of solutions to help marketers measure and optimize their marketing investments

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