Natural Language Processing

Building next-generation NLP solutions to enable complex business transformation

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a major field of Artificial Intelligence that deals with the process of enabling machines to understand the structure and meaning of natural language, and identify patterns and relationships in the same. It is heavily used by businesses across a wide range of use cases, such as chatbots, machine translation, sense disambiguation, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, text mining, and others.

C5i has deep expertise across the entire natural language spectrum, and leverages this to enable our customers to extract significant value from their semi-structured and unstructured data. Our world-class team of NLP researchers and Machine Learning engineers designs and develops robust solutions that significantly increase competitive advantage, optimize costs, and increase efficiencies.

Our Key Differentiation

Solution development across a wide range of tasks, such as aspect extraction, entity resolution, information retrieval, machine translation, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, sequence modeling, social data mining, text classification, topic modeling, word sense disambiguation, verbatim coding, and others

Real-time and large-scale processing of complex text (billions of unstructured word documents, for instance) to extract deep patterns, including latent insights that are often missed through traditional NLP


  • C5i Ontology Framework for Natural Language

Enables creation of context-based knowledge representation to accurately identify latent and hidden insights in unstructured text

  • C5i Bot Framework

Enables agile development of intelligent bots that can be seamlessly integrated with all business applications and scaled-up on demand, and is platform-agnostic

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