Analytics and AI-driven personalized marketing solutions that drive relevant, timely and cost-optimized experiences across all channels

Reduce marketing costs, improve customer engagement and reach

Business Challenges

Ensuring Relevance and Leverage in Personalization programs

Businesses need to leverage data to overcome disjointed communications and provide contextual interactions with customers. Predicting and influencing customer behavior becomes imperative to fostering relationships with customers.

Personalization scares customers

Timeliness and content relevance can also scare customers away. What is the ‘right’ level of personalization to make engagements fruitful?

The cost of personalization is increasing

All channels are demanding more from marketing budgets. Digital spend optimization is one of the most challenging tasks facing marketers today.


Unified Customer Profiling

Ability to stitch customer-level data to give business a ‘Single’ view; this enables smarter Personalization initiatives and credible ROI for such programs

Algorithmic Retargeting

A systematic Machine Learning solution to optimize marketing spend on customer targeting and Customer Data Platform (CDP) program ROI

Personalization Score Card

Measurement and reporting of end-to-end Personalization KPIs, enabling businesses to make business decisions in near-real-time.

Built and managed a single view of the customer on a CDP for a large PC manufacturer.

A leading CPG group has reduced its targeted marketing spend by identifying the right time and channel for customer targeting.

Set up a global Personalization Centre of Excellence (COE) for a large software company.

Business Impact

360 degree view of the customer engagement cycle

Increased (Return on Ad Spend) ROAS visibility, leading to reduced marketing expenses and improved operational coordination

Faster time-to-market and improved NPS scores with real-time personalization