Near-Real-Time Operational Insights for Supply Chain function

26 Aug 2020 / Sushant Ajmani and Sunder Balakrishnan / Digital



In this podcast, both Sushant Ajmani (VP – Product Management) and Sunder Balakrishnan (AVP – Business Consulting) have discussed a few of their learnings and experiences working with Supply Chain function in the large CPG and FMCG enterprises. Sunder explained the concept of Directed Work, Phase 0, and the importance of persona’s when it comes to delivering relevant, contextual, and actionable insights to the business users sitting in the headquarters, plants, regional warehouses, and distribution centers.

Sushant talked about the kind of revolution Augmented Analytics solutions are bringing in the CPG and FMCG sector and how Course5 Discovery is delivering on the promise of Speed to Actionable Insights, Shorter Action TAT, Insights Adoption and Data Literacy. He also talked about the importance of Insights Bundles in today’s business world and how the organizations can smartly augment their existing dashboards and scorecards with Newsletters, Mobile Apps, Email/SMS Notifications, and by leveraging the collaborative platforms like SLACK and TEAMS.

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