Defining the Problem and Solution Framework – Part 1

07 Dec 2020 / Sushant Ajmani, Sunder Balakrishnan and Buvana Iyer / Digital



In Part 1 of this series of Course5 Compass, Sushant Ajmani hosted Sunder Balakrishnan (Business Consultant and Supply Chain Practitioner @ Course5) and Buvana Iyer (Seasoned Data Scientist and Applied AI Solutions Lead @ Course5) to discuss ‘How to build solutions that actually solve real problems.’ The conversation began with a foundational topic, i.e., ‘how to define a problem statement and build consensus with your enterprise customers’, and then moved on to the role of empathy and creative thinking in the problem definition process and how it speeds up the requirements gathering process. Sunder and Buvana also talked about some of the blind spots the Product organization needs to be cognizant about. Buvana explained the relevance of calling out the assumptions upfront while crafting the solution and getting them ratified by the customer earlier to avoid any non-compliance situations later.

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