As a researcher, has technology helped you do what you do better?

The data and insights revolution requires researchers to be sharper than ever before in understanding business needs and improving the value of insights. At Course5, we’re helping researchers leverage cutting-edge technology to automate the repetitive, time-intensive operational tasks—so they can spend more time on data analysis, research definition, and creating impact through insights.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how our AI-powered Research Operations platform, Optimizer Suite –

  • Automates the end-to-end research operations process, from survey scripting to reporting
  • IN FOCUS – Automates Data Processing – The platform accelerates the table script generation process to get faster tabulations, with options to modify table types, compare data files (across multi-country studies, for example), pre-load unique study settings, and more; the platform creates WinCross tables with over 30% increase in efficiency
  • Enables quick project turnaround and faster decision-making
  • Frees researcher time for meaningful analysis and interpretation, enabling better insights

Make your research operations swift and easy. Accelerate speed to insight. Go to market smarter.

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Poonam Dave

VP - Operations, Course5 Intelligence

Poonam has over 12 years of experience working with KPO and captive set-ups. Managing operations, driving strategy, leading client engagement and delivering efficiency via innovati Read More


Dan Foreman

Dan Foreman, ESOMAR past president, data, analytics and insights leader, is Course5's Non-Executive Director and Advisory Board Member. Dan supports the company with strategy, grow Read More


Megha Chaudhry

Global Head Of Marketing, Course5 Intelligence

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