There's a growing realization in the market research industry that transformation with AI can help solve some of its long-standing challenges like high costs, lengthy timelines and manual dependency.

Course5 Intelligence has been an early adapter of AI in the space of Market Research, investing substantially in AI-based automation technologies for research. Today our AI-driven Platform for Research Operations, Optimizer Suite, is a flagship product that cuts turnaround time for MR projects by up to 60%.

Join Poonam Dave and Dan Foreman in our latest Webinar on March 28 at 10.30 AM ET/03:30 PM CET to see how Optimizer Suite uses various AI technologies like Deep Natural Language Programming (NLP) and higher order Machine Learning to automate, self-improvise, and accelerate the end-to-end research operations cycle.

See how Optimizer Suite can transform your research operations in 2019!

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Poonam Dave

VP - Operations, Course5 Intelligence

Poonam has over 12 years of experience working with KPO and captive set-ups. Managing operations, driving strategy, leading client engagement and delivering efficiency via innovati Read More


Dan Foreman

Dan Foreman, ESOMAR past president, data, analytics and insights leader, is Course5's Non-Executive Director and Advisory Board Member. Dan supports the company with strategy, grow Read More