AI Labs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research & Product Development

Our AI Strategy

The AI Labs unit is central to C5i’s Applied AI research and platform strategy, enabling us to pursue strategic bets and create the “True North” for the organization and our clients. We aim to bring the latest AI technologies into our products and solutions, thereby driving automation, actionable insights, improved experience, competitive edge, and market differentiation for our client’s businesses and enabling our employees to be effective. We accomplish this by meticulously scanning a plethora of AI frameworks, models, and algorithms, choosing the appropriate ones for rapid experimentation, curating them for business alignment, and making them compatible with enterprises. We apply best practices from design thinking Responsible AI, and lean and agile frameworks in our product development methodology to bring in client-centricity, quick market validation, and reduced time-to-market.

While we actively solve complex business problems with today’s technology, we are also always preparing for the future. We are exploring and investing in new research applied research areas such as unsupervised deep learning, reinforcement learning, meta-learning, contrastive learning, graph neural networks, and generative AI. We are also focused on the fusion of AI other disciplines, such as cognitive neuroscience and behavioral science, for effective decisions. We enable automation and scalability by augmenting our AI expertise with software engineering, DataOps, and MLOps practices, thereby creating breakthrough value.

Key Impact Areas

$ 2.2 billion

Value delivered to clients


Patents filed


AI accelerators in production

Our Focus Areas

Generative AI

Driving higher adoption of analytics & insights with Generative AI

C5i helps enterprises democratize and gain more value from their data and analytics investments, using cutting-edge Generative AI (GenAI) capabilities. We help businesses contextualize and fine-tune Large Language Models (LLMs) to their enterprise data, domain, technology systems, and business goals to drive relevant and actionable insights and content generation for various purposes.

Generative AI capabilities are integrated across all our products and solutions, driving business impact at scale from all forms of enterprise data, including structured and unstructured text, audio, and visual content.

All our GenAI solutions are supported by a robust Risk Management & Governance Framework and Responsible AI practices, enabling trust and reliability.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Enhancement
  • Workflow Augmentation
  • Content Generation & Enhancement
  • Connected Insights
  • Conversational Search
  • Summarization
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Advanced Data Cataloging & Reconciliation

Natural Language

Driving significant value from semi-structured and unstructured text data

C5i has deep expertise across the spectrum in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Natural Language Generation (NLG). Our industry-focused, AI-embedded products are built by applying extensive research and innovation in text processing, text mining, information extraction, topic modeling, intelligent chatbots/conversational AI, machine translation, sense disambiguation, sentiment analysis, and speech recognition. The products are ingrained with NLG features such as creation of easily interpretable and actionable insights in natural language format for dashboards, intelligent search, and extractive and abstractive summarization.

  • Deep Sequence Modeling
  • Transformer Architectures
  • Unstructured Data Classification
  • Deep Semantic Parsing
  • Context-aware Dialogue Management
  • Information Retrieval
  • Intelligent Search
  • Knowledge Graphs

Computer Perception

Building intelligent vision systems that observe and comprehend the world around us

The world around us is linguistic, acoustic, visual, and temporal. We bring deep expertise in building products that use Computer Vision and Computer Audition algorithms for image classification, age and gender determination, emotion detection, ethnicity detection, facial recognition, object detection & segmentation, optical character recognition, activity detection, and auditory scene analysis. To solve real-world problems, we apply multi-modal fusion AI techniques by combining and optimizing multiple deep learning pipelines. This expertise is leveraged in analyzing video content and providing insights to improve product positioning, brand perception, customer experience, and impact across the omnichannel ecosystem.

  • Object Detection & Segmentation
  • Emotion Classification
  • Scene Classification
  • Demography Detection
  • Audio-to-Text Generation
  • Deep Knowledge Graphs

AI-powered Platforms

Our R&D, innovation mindset, deep domain expertise, client-centricity, and product engineering pedigree continue to power our flagship products


Compete is a scalable market and competitive intelligence platform that helps brands drive business growth and strategy through improved visibility into markets, competition, and customers. The platform extensively leverages data harvested through crawlers, has in-built machine learning capabilities, and gleans insights to optimize on the 5Ps of marketing—product, price, placement, promotion, and people/consumer sentiment.


Discovery is an AI-Powered Augmented Analytics platform that incorporates the best of traditional machine learning and deep learning algorithms to enable anomaly detection, provide causal inferencing, and generate insights in natural language for easy interpretation and action. The platform also provides context-aware dialogue management and cognitive semantic search features to interact with structured data in natural language.


Xelerate is a platform with ready-to-use enterprise grade AI models and reusable AI assets accelerating development of products and solutions. The platform powers accelerators spanning natural language, computer vision, machine learning, graph technology, reinforcement learning, generative AI, data engineering and XOPS, and digital solutions. Xelerate enables C5i to co-innovate and co-create with clients at speed and scale, driving higher adoption and faster value realization.


Incivus is a Creative Effectiveness platform that provides a precise, granular evaluation of all creative variables of an Ad, using technologies like computer vision, computer audition, generative AI, and natural language processing (NLP). By enabling marketers to enhance and customize their Ad creatives before launch, Incivus helps them improve their return on Ad spend and overall campaign performance.

Our Thinking on Enterprise Generative AI

Academia Associations for Applied AI Research

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani

The Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani), is a premier university focused on higher education and research in engineering and sciences in India. C5i is currently sponsoring a 3-year sponsored research program for applying Cognitive Neuroscience techniques and Multimodal Deep Learning to understand consumer behavior, attention, memory, and consumer decision-making journey. The research will involve application of concepts from Behavioral Economics (BE), Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) and Deep Learning to enhance C5i’s current offerings and create innovative solutions and products.

Woxsen University

Woxsen University is a premier private university in Telangana, India, where very program is designed to provide applied learning with industry connect. As part of the alliance with Woxsen University, C5i provides faculty and students with internship projects around multiple use cases in customer and marketing analytics. Areas of research will include the use of Sentiment Analysis to identify the sentiments of existing customers and improve Net Promoter Score (NPS), Intent and Theme Identification in voice-of-customer data to identify the precise reason behind customer complaints, and Data Matching using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision.

Academia Connect: Are you interested conducting joint research in Applied AI with C5i’s AI Labs?