Social Media Analytics

C5i’s Social Media Analytics solution incorporates data from a variety of digital sources to understand customers in real time. We combine expertise across research, technology, analytics, and business domains to identify insights from live and historical conversations—including unstructured data across text, images, videos, and emoticons

Access faster speed-to-decision and a higher quality of insights

Business Challenges

Social Media Program ROI

There’s over-dependence on unreliable methods like buzz and sentiment analysis in an effort to understand consumer emotions and behavior.

Inability to Scale

Existing solutions lack the automation, coverage, and integration needed to make accurate decisions quickly.

Inadequate Insights

Traditional methodologies are myopic and exist in silos. They require longer turnaround time from data to actionable insights, thereby losing business relevance.


Platform-agnostic coverage across data formats – structured and unstructured, text and audio-visual – utilizing a rich ontology framework for social media monitoring

Identification of underlying tone, intention, and sentiment using proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced machine learning algorithms with automation and AI

Multi-language data coverage with exhaustive global languages support, including interpretation of dialectical nuances and transliterated phrases

A retail giant used digital conversations to map end-to-end consumer journey touchpoints to act on purchase triggers and blockers

A top-5 global CPG company improved their brand tracking and Share of Voice by integrating social insights

A top-3 food & beverage manufacturer identified sub-demand spaces and micro segments for better targeting using social media analysis

Business Impact

Faster speed-to-insights compared to traditional methods

Early warning systems – for quick response to competitor actions and customer needs

Identify and strategize on white spaces and unmet needs of consumers by leveraging insights from Social Media data sources

Higher ROI due to effective cost reduction with automation and AI

Improved Marketing ROI – with informed and enhanced marketing attribution

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